I'm in love with you
and all of your little things
all about me
so, uhm, basically, this is my tumblah..looks away so you lose interest sooner
i like big butts and i cannot lie your otha brothas can't deny i'm sorry
make me
I am the real liam payne
news & updates
August 21- updating my tumblr cuz boredom
July 19- do people actually read these
July 19- does anyone care omg
July 19- what do i put here
July 19- how's the weather?
July 19- room temperature lol get it
July 19- Zayn come back i lahhve you
July 19- Harriet and I's child would have really curly hair
July 19- what do you call an alligator with a vest?
July 19- an investigator HAHAHAHAaaaa
July 19- i'm only funny at night
July 19- why don't people talk to me
July 19- i feel like tumblr's just another way to talk to myself
July 19- it's not even july 19th omg
July 19- i'm just filling this in because yolo